A Bit on The Bone People, Novel 2

Though I’m about halfway through the second novel of my 100 novel reading attempt, I don’t have much to say about The Bone People. It’s an OK book, but seems a period piece; it fits to the time it was published. The protagonist, Kerewin Holmes, is sort of a proto-feminist character, a bit of a parody, a woman playing the tough-guy Hemingway role: hard drinking, fishing, fighting, smoking–although no sex yet. In the section I read this morning, she took down a male character (Joe Gillayley, the closest thing to an antagonist) with aikido, in a few swoops, and with much braggadacio later.Was this really what feminists sought in the late ’70s early ’80s? a parody of an already parodied figure. I can’t imagine the character of Kerewin holding up to many feminist standards today. Or am I completely out of the loop since I last took any women’s studies classes almost a dozen years ago?


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