A bit more on the Garden

Hemingway biographer Kenneth Lynn writes that the original manuscript of The Garden of Eden was 1,000 pages long.  Apparently Hemingway wrote it in 6 months in 1946 after having a premonition he would die within a year. From Lynn’s description, the manuscript was a mess, incoherent in places, repetitive in others. So, Tom Jenks trimmed it down to the point that was puplished as a 247-page book in hardback. Lynn refers to Jenks’ editing as "brilliant," and I wonder how much of the original manuscript had backstory, if any of it did. Hemingway wrote in longhand. I wonder what the original manuscript looked like. Can you imagine a thousand handwritten pages in a month? I’d love to see the original. I wonder where it’s kept. Probably at the JFK collection. Though it might be at the Ransom Center at UT in Austin.


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