American Taliban

By the title, you might think that I was going to write about Johnny Walker Lindh, the American Taliban taken POW during the early months of clearing those bastards out of Afghanistan. I have no sympathy for Lindh, nor do I feel his rights are being violated in any way. He is a terrorist and I’m more convinced, as I read Khaled Hosseini’s marvelous novel The Kite Runner that the Taliban got what it deserved, as I feel any fundamentalist of any religion needs to seriously be considered dangerous, any fundamentalist group is dangerous, as our evangelical president is dangerous.

Today, in Temple, Texas, a young woman, a soldier killed in Iraq is being buried. Whatever your opinions of the Iraq war, led by our fundamentalist influenced president, no human being or their families should have to suffer the idiocy of fundamentalists, this time Christian. A far right fundie Christian group is protesting this soldier’s death, blaming it not on the bullet or bomb that killed her, but blaming all the deaths of military personnel in Iraq and elsewhere on America’s lax attitudes toward homosexuality. Apparently God is killing our soldiers (not Kalashnikovs and car bombs by murderous Al Quaeda thugs) and God brought about the slaughter of 9-11, and the slaughter of Katrina (I haven’t heard what said diety’s purpose was for Rita and Wilma and the other hurricanes that hit this past year) all because cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other. Oh, and probably because a woman is preaching the service. God really hates women clergy, probably more than homosexuals.

Anyhow, these people, their lack of thought processes, aren’t any better than the Taliban as depicted in Hosseini’s novel. There is a brutal scene Hosseini depicts when a Talibani minister of virtue and vice beats a woman down in the street for raising her voice.

Yes, control and power. That’s what fundamentalism is all about.

I always wonder what makes one person following that being called God to be moved to compassion and love, while another is moved toward violence and hate, and yet they follow the teachings of the same teacher, whether it be Jesus or Muhammed or any other teacher.




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