A bit about Moo!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you about my 100-novels reading project. About a week ago I finished Moo! by Jane Smiley. As a reread it turned out a bit disappointing. Smiley, as ever, is able to bring forth her wit. The basic premise is this: Something odd is afoot at Moo U, somewhere in the midwest. A strange experiment with an extra-sized hog Earl Butz. Funds going to deforestation projects in Costa Rica. Wild sex and strange bedfellows. A dimwitted governor, the precursor of our current president. All this is what poses a problem. While Smiley has some great and hilarious set pieces, the strange interweaving of so many plots made the book for me a bit unwieldy to read at times. Of course, that Smiley undertook such a risk in a comic novel only makes me admire her skill more.


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