blogger jailed

I don’t normally use this blog as a forum for political/newsy stuff, but this is a post I found at one of my favorite blog spots and I think it’s important to repost it. It’s a post that should make anyone who blogs or puts anything out publicly in the way of media, professional or amateur, think about what our current regime thinks of our rights not only to free speech, but to avoid being victims of search and seizure by the government….

From Kevin Smokler:

One of Our Own in Jail:

Josh Wolf, who was one of my bloggers for the San Francisco International Film Festival, is in federal prison tonight for refusing to turn over video footage he shot of a war protest in San Francisco last year. The government wants to use it as evidence in the attempted vandalism of a SF Police car. Wolf claims that, if we begin down the road of journalists having to surrender their footage to government investigators, then how do we protect the confidentiality of sources?

I haven’t make up my mind about who is right or wrong here and I really don’t care. As a blogger, a maker of citizen media, Josh is a brother in arms. That I know the guy and know he’s out to make a point, not a stink for its own sake, means I support his case all the more.

So I ask to all readers: Please post this story on your blog. And if you can, make a donation to Josh’s legal defense fund. I don’t want to see more of him and us, jailed in the name of "crime prevention."


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