Writing Meme filched from celesteavonne

Keyboard or [insert various local names for pen-type implements]: I use pencil, pen, typewriter or keyboard when writing. All depends on where I am, what I have available and what I’m writing. Normally I’ll compose on the computer, print a hardcopy and edit. But sometimes, when I just don’t feel the love from my writing, I have to break out the old Royal manual to hear the thwhack of the keys against the paper.

Beta or no beta? WTF is a Beta? A first reader? Anyone who volunteers may be my first reader.

Plot? Comes out of the characters–I hope.

Title? The novel: Most of the Time. Filched from Bob Dylan.

Smushy or smutty? Smutty.

Summary? Love lost. Love gained. Love lost. Love gained, sort of. With some naughty bits thrown in. See a pattern?

Funniest fic? A "found objects" exercise I did in a workshop one Saturday. I selected a Dr Pepper bottle and went from there.

Most popular fic? People who’ve read it seem to like one of my published short stories "The Short, Unknowable Life of Frances Beachcomber".

Most fun to write? Almost everything I write, I enjoy writing, but I like working on fiction the best.

Best and worst? I hope the novel is the best. The worst–probably some papers from undergrad. Yes, I’ve kept most of them.

Coulda been contenders? I have a big stack of sketches, some of which might still be worth expanding. Or not.

Strengths? I seemed to be hooked on narrative summary. Of course, the show, don’t tell camp will beat me up for that one.

Weaknesses? Scene development. I tend to write half-scenes with narrative summary.

Dirty little secrets? Those all come out in the novel.


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