Eight Things

I was tagged by Helen Ginger of Straight From Hel to write eight things about myself and my writing that you may or may not know about me.

  1. I made a C in my first freshman comp class at Temple Junior College (now sans Junior), but I made a B in the second semester, which was much more interesting because it was an introduction to literature course, and not anything at all like the rhetoric course I taught last year. I’m comforted by the C: I understand Tennessee Williams made an F. Freshman comp doesn’t make great writers.
  2. I read grammar and punctuation books regularly. I really hope whoever reads this will find it irresistible to buy me the illustrated Elements of Style, now out in paperback, or Arthur Plotnik’s Spunk & Bite, or both, if you’re really feeling generous.
  3. I also have an obsession with books about writing, such as John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction or Ursula LeGuin’s Steering the Craft.
  4. I like to write in the mornings, specifically around 9 or 10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Writing in the evenings is difficult, but I can, and have, done it, both at work and home. Sometimes you write through the tiredness and stress. Sometimes that ends up being the best writing.
  5. I am a voracious reader. I will read almost anything, though at the moment I’m preoccupied in my reading with my 100-novels project. Of course, I tend to keep more than one book going at a time.
  6. I’ve learned more about writing and literature and reading literature outside of grad school. Too much critical theory is taught in grad school.
  7. I’ve been slacking lately, only writing these blog entries. But that is about to change, as I’m about to embark on the third draft of my novel.
  8. I’m getting married in December.

One thought on “Eight Things

  1. Well, number 8 was a fun surprise. Congratulations! And number 2 let’s everyone know what you want for wedding gifts.

    I know what you mean about books about writing. It’s difficult to go by that aisle in a bookstore without stopping to see what’s new.

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