Editor’s Note

If you read my post “Trolls Under the Bridge” yesterday, you may have noticed at least two errors (maybe there are more), one of which was a misspelling of Georgia O’Keeffe’s last name. I went back and corrected those erroprs, er, errors, and as I was doing so, realized how convenient blogging is: You can edit any post at any time. Oh, how that would have saved so much grief in my daily newspaper days, if after noticing gaffs, I could have gone in an and immediately corrected stories.

No matter how much one edits, perhaps a piece of writing never appears perfect, but it is nice to be able to fix things like spelling or grammar overlooked in the rush to publish a post. Of course, I still feel like a golden nitwit, especially when I realized I had misspelled “O’Keeffe” as “O’Keefe” despite having the name in front of me as a reference. Sometimes, I suppose, the mind gets all Coyote-the-Trickster on you and no matter what’s in front of you, you write what you think is right, whether it’s right or wrong. Or maybe that’s just me. (Interestingly, as I was proofing and preparing to hit Publish, I noticed I hadn’t capitalized the “k” in “O’Keeffe,” leaving me another error I had to correct. Rereading the post, I had to insert an extra “f,” for I, again, had misspelled “O’Keeffe”.)


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