If You Build It, You’ll Get a Freelance Life

Does blogging help you get a freelance life? It helps as a marketing tool, says Margit Feury Ragland in Get A Freelance Life: Mediabistro.com’s Insider Guide to Freelance Writing.

“Make sure it’s based on something you’re passionate about, so you’ll be able to consistently make two to six blog posts a day,” she writes. “If you build enough traffic, get linked to other bloggers and start to get buzz, this can be a great way to get recognized by a major media company.”

So, I have a blog. I post to it regularly, but how do I manage writing two to six posts a day when sometimes one a day is virtually impossible?

I can see how frequent posting gains traffic: In the past few days I’ve tried to post at least twice a day and I’ve gotten an increase of traffic, at least according to stats. Of course, I’m sure my traffic is exponentially lower than I Can Has Cheezburger, but I noticed that when I didn’t post, my traffic skidded at the red light but crashed anyway.

Unless I wrote posts all day, I don’t think I could manage two to six posts a day (even though at the moment I have the time). Still, I want to market myself as a writer.

How do other freelance writers market themselves? How often do you post to your blog?


3 thoughts on “If You Build It, You’ll Get a Freelance Life

  1. I noticed your wordpress tag, “I can has cheezburger?” lol. I just tried the same thing on one of my posts. It’s pretty amazing and even more so perplexing trying to figure out the blogging world. Create a blog with a some random yet relatively entertaining pictures of cats, throw in some lolspeak, and you’re off to the races with 2 million hits per day. Now, create a blog with some meaninful content on dietary supplements, health information, and research studies, and you’re plugging along at 100 hits per day on a good day, lol. Well, enough platitudes for one day I guess.



  2. Although it comes down to what kind of audience a blogger is looking for, I’m a little suspicious of advice extolling multiple daily posts as a good thing.

    Yeah, there are some people out there who do nothing more than glance and glean and wander in and out, who will happily lap-up anything you publish – but in then end it has little to do with the quality of what you’re publishing, but rather quantity and the hope that it begets traffic.

    I don’t exactly get a crapload of traffic. Sometimes I try to tweak things a little (tags, links, etc..) in order to attract more repeat surfers, but at the end of the day “blogger” simply isn’t my job, even though professionally speaking (as a writer of stories and novels) the traffic can’t hurt. I’d rather have one article a week which nails what it is I’m trying to say, with as little “why does it rain on the weekend?” rhetoric.

    But then again, I don’t get a crapload of traffic, so this isn’t exactly a recipe for success either.

  3. This makes me feel like a very lazy and uninformed blogger–I am for a post every five days, hell or high water! There does seem to be a balance to be struck, but for each blogger it’s got to be different.

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