A Poll: A Question of Subtitles

This will be my first attempt at using the polling function, and it’s an idea borrowed from Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, who writes about going to a seminar on blogging and learning about the importance of subtitles. She put up a poll, asking readers for input about a subtitle. So, I’m going to try a poll as well.

I’ve only come up with two subtitles, so the poll will be small. As you can see, my ideas reference one of my favorite books, Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I’m open to suggestions. I’m trying to keep to the theme of exile, or feeling a little out of place and far from literary culture.

And thanks for playing.


3 thoughts on “A Poll: A Question of Subtitles

  1. When I was thinking about subtitling, it was because the name of my blog “Sophisticated Dorkiness” didn’t really say anything about what I liked to blog about. I wanted a subtitle to mention that I write about books and journalism and stuff like that so if people were just surfing around they could see the top and know if they wanted to stop or not.

    If you want a subtitle that explains your blog, I’m not sure if either of those suggestions does it. I like the second one better because of the phrase “on the fringe of literary society.” I don’t know if the “Fear and Loathing” part helps explain your blog as much as the second part does.

  2. That’s the subtitle I like best, too. I had been wondering about the Fear and Loathing tag myself. I just love that title, though. It’s one of the best book titles.

  3. Exile and Fear and Loathing mean two different things. I’d ask where/what you’re exiled from and is it voluntary or forced. If it’s about words/or writing, you may want to somehow indicate that.

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