I’m a Flower Smeller

I’m not really sure what this means, but apparently I’m worth a Flower Smeller Award because I’ve been inspiring or insightful. I received this from Mike at The View From Here, where I recently published a short article.

This award is part-meme, so don’t be surprised if I tag you with it. I can tag five people.

So, here are the five people I tag:

  1. Jordan’s Muse, blog of writer Jordan Rosenfeld. Co-author, along with Rebecca Lawton, of Write Free, an inspiring book on positive thinking.
  2. Sophisticated Dorkiness, blog of Kim Ukura, a journalism grad student. Insightful posts about her experiences as a budding journalist and adventures as a reader. It’s nice to see someone staying enthusiastic about journalism.
  3. Lisa Romeo Writes, blog of writer Lisa Romeo. Who can’t be inspired by someone who in mid-life   recently finished an MFA in creative nonfiction, and continues to write as a freelancer? Gives hope for all of us trying to write in a world that seems increasingly hostile to the written word.
  4. Scobberlotch, blog of novelist Karen Harrington. Just read her recent post about being the writer at the party. If that doesn’t make you laugh, you have no sense of humor.
  5. Straight From Hel, blog of writer Helen Ginger. Always insightful posts about writing and publishing.


More information about the Flower Smeller Award is available here.


4 thoughts on “I’m a Flower Smeller

  1. Thanks, Todd, appreciate the tag and the kind words.
    But don’t know about the inspiration part, as so far today, my “writer’s life” has consisted of
    1) wondering how one can ever find time to write when hours must be spent figuring out how to scan and then make a PDF of one’s MFA transcripts;
    (2)giving up on figuring out how to run the new “multifunctional” phone line through the fax/phone/router; (
    3) staring at my ISP welcome screen whyich has appeared in reverse all morning;
    (4) trying to intuit the proper amount of time to follow up with an agent who seemed so enthusiastic and whose emails have now gone AWOL;
    (5) debating if applying for teaching jobs which require that MFA transcript is actually possible after the age of 40; and (
    6) puzzling if it’s really OK to combine breakfast and lunch into one happy meal from the food group I call CPB (chocolate & peanut butter) and
    (7) Deciding, yes.

  2. Thank you so much! I feel like my posts lately have not been particularly insightful or inspired about journalism, which I partly blame on the change in the weather and the time in the semester. I hope to be more inspired and inspiring soon 🙂

  3. Lisa: Making PDFs does seem to be a long process, longer than it should be. I think that such things as making PDFs are part of the writing life these days, even though no words are generated. Your blog is especially insightful about the freelance life, and its nice to find a writer sharing her experiences about that life. Makes one feel less alone in the world.

    Kim: If when I was an editor at a newspaper and had had an assistant as enthusiastic as you, my job would have been much easier. I hope you go far in your career.

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