Audio Blog: My First Attempt

OK, below is my first attempt at an audioblog. Bear with me. As you will notice, I virtually no experience with broadcasting.

Follow the link below:


Below is the text:

Last month I started and essay that was moving along really well. I had set up a writing; I was writing to that schedule, getting words down.

Then, as so often happens, life interrupted. If you’ve been following the blog, you know I’ve moved to a new home, a new city. That move has been disruptive to my writing.

Once I set the computer up, I tried to get back on schedule, but found I had lost the train of thought guiding my essay. I couldn’t concentrate. Nothing was coming.

Richard Rhodes in his book How to Write says it’s common after an interruption for writing to go dead.

He writes:

Sometimes, after an interruption or some other event, you discover that the book you’re writing has gone dead on the page — that you’ve lost your emotional connection to the story and don’t feel the words when you reread them. Such disconnection is common in the last stages of writing, when you’ve reread the words so often that your eyes glide over them and your mind is elsewhere. The remedy to overfamiliarity, as I said earlier, is either to age the book for a while on the shelf or to concentrate harder.

How do you get back to a piece you’ve had to set aside because life interrupted?


Editor’s Note: Thanks for listening. Please feel free to comment. Again, I’m just learning to use audio, so bear with the awkwardness of this first broadcast.


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