Endings, Beginnings and Something in Between

Writer Lisa Romeo has a nice post on beginnings and endings, and then a nice piece at Tiny Lights on the same subject.

For me, beginnings tend to come easier (by easier I mean pulling less hair out) than endings, especially personal pieces. When I write feature stories,  I’m usually able to find something that either ties back to the beginning, or something to open up the story.

A lot of times, though, I seem to get stuck with a beginning and a lot of middle.


4 thoughts on “Endings, Beginnings and Something in Between

    • A good lead keeps the reader reading, at least to the point of the end of the lead, but let’s hope further on, too. Crafting a good beginning is a task.

    • With anything you write, there are so many ways to end the piece. With nonfiction, especially features, I always liked to try to end with a quote. But that can become formulaic, and sometimes a quote just doesn’t surface that seems appropriate.

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