How’re You Coming on That Novel?

I haven’t published a book . . . yet. But that’s my ultimate goal as a writer, and I’m not that sort of person who says he’s writing a book, but never does any writing. My inner Stewie badgers me enough to keep writing.

I do have a book, a novel, or rather a second/third draft — I’ve lost count of the revision. I’ve been working on the novel since 2005, when I began writing it. I finished a second draft, a full rewrite in 2007.

Since then, I had a beta reader read the manuscript, not a professional editor, but someone who might actually read the novel if it were published. She loved it, so I married her.

My next next step in the process — submitting the novel to an editing service — seems to get delayed every year for some reason or another (lack of money for various reasons the main culprit).

Anyhow, I did submit the first few pages for a free sample to one editing service recently, after I corresponded with debut novelist Karen Harrington about the value of using an editing service.

Even just that sample edit has given me valuable insights into the novel, and I’ve begun a third revision, restructuring the novel. Diving back into the process of writing, as I restructure, I’ve developed new insights into the characters, the plot, the whole narrative.

Taking the plunge into the writing process again has, in turn, revived my imagination, my whole drive to write, a drive that had begun to wane almost to nothing last year.

Now my goal is to finish this latest revision, and I want to finish it by April. After that, I hope I can afford to submit the novel to an editing service. From there, I hope to start submitting it to publishers.


3 thoughts on “How’re You Coming on That Novel?

  1. Okay, that was a hilarious video that I may have to steal from you. 🙂 Who of us can’t relate to that experience? I have a person in my life who is like that…”So, how’s that novel you’re working on? Is it done?” 🙂

    Keep going on your work. Sounds like you are re-energized about it and that’s great!

    • Kim, Thank you for the comment. The revisions are stimulating.

      Karen, That’s one of my favorite bits from Family Guy. I think we all need an inner Stewie to keep us going.

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