Booking Through Thursday On Friday: Book to Movie

Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m writing my Booking Through Thursday post on Friday. It’s a good topic, one I don’t want to pass up.

Here are the questions:

What book do you think should be made into a movie? And do you have any suggestions for the producers?

Nick Hornby’s How to be Good, if someone could translate narrator Kay Carr’s voice, especially the interior monologue, her meditations about what “good” means. I can’t think of any producers at the moment. Probably English. Maybe the people who do the BBC show Coupling.

I also want to add that I’d like to see someone make a movie of Charles Baxter’s A Feast of Love. I know, I know. Someone did make a picture of it. And Greg Kinnear is fine, I’m sure, as BradleySmith, but really it’s a part for Kevin Spacey, at least in my head it was.


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