The Sunday Salon: WLT, Garrison Keillor, and Library Wanderings

Today’s post feels as if it might be a mashup of literary wanderings:

  • About at the midpoint of Garrison Keillor’s novel WLT: A Radio Romance. The humor in it, as I’ve mentioned, is a little more bawdy than Keillor’s Lake Wobegone novels or the radio show Prairie Home Companion. It’s structurally interesting, too, given that it’s largely about the fictional radio station WLT’s history; it’s largely set up anecdotally, though central to the narrative are the station’s founders Roy and Ray Soderbjerg and several characters in the radio family.
  • This week I also went to the library and picked up several books, including Elizabeth George’s Write Away, a book on craft and novel writing. I’m not far enough into it to make a full opinion about its value, but I do like her insights on developing character, in particular the character analysis in which she creates a character and writes a bio that includes psychological analysis of the character.
  • Other library finds include a book on blogging and a book on backpacking/hiking. A strange mix, but I want to improve my blog, and I want to learn more about hiking/backpacking, which is what I would be doing at the moment if it weren’t thunderstorming or threatening thunderstorms. Maybe it will clear up later, enough at least that the threat of being struck by lightning is less imminent.

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