Booking Through Thursday: The Worst of the Worst

Here is this week’s Booking Through Thursday:

What’s the worst book you’ve read recently?

I was really pleased to pick up Bruce Sterling’s The Caryatids a few weeks ago at the library. I was looking forward to an escape into science fiction, along with getting a chance to read one of the founders of the cyberpunk genre.

Then disappointment set in. What starts out as an interesting story concerning world-saving clones, quickly turned into pages and pages of turgid prose about the ideas behind the novel and a lot of talking heads explaining everything. When there was action or drama, it was schlocky. There were plot threads going nowhere. And characters appearing and disappearing without rhyme or reason. So, a big Pfffft! to this novel.

It was such a bad read, it made me want to read a celebrity memoir.


4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: The Worst of the Worst

  1. Stirling is tentatively on my reading list, but your review makes me wonder if his other works are schlocky.

    Since you mention original cyberpunk, have you read William Gibson’s Neuromancer? That’s also one of my TBR.

    • I read Neuromancer years ago, not long after it came out, and vaguely remember it. What I do remember is that it held to a well crafted story. I’ll have to reread it.

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