The Sunday Salon: Chronological Narrative and Great Page Presentation

Richard Gilbert once again has an interesting post at his blog Narrative. This one is on the New Yorker‘s practice of editing articles so they read chronologically.

The post led me to writer Dan Baum‘s site, which is nicely put together. Very clean and accessible. It seems perfect for a freelance writer.

Reading Fiction and the Craving for Creative Nonfiction in My Reading Life

When I started my 100 novels reading project three years ago, I imagined it would take less time than it has so far. Not that I’m giving up on it. To close to the end to do that.

Anyhow, the project seems to take up a inordinate amount of  my reading time, and I’ve also been mindful of the desire to read nonfiction, as I read through thousands of words in novels.

It’s not that I haven’t read nonfiction in the past few years, but most of it has been books on writing or some form of self-help. I haven’t indulged in a favorite form — creative nonfiction, literary journalism — in some time, at least a year, and I think it’s time to take a break from novels for a while and sink my teeth into some meaty nonfiction.

I think it’s interesting to follow my mind and its reading cravings. It seems to tell me exactly what I need to read, or guides me toward a specific genre or form. Does your reading mind do this? Do you find yourself reading something and realizing this book is exactly what you wanted or needed to read?

I’m going through that, actually, at the moment on my novel list, reading Harry Crews‘s novel Scar Lover. I’ve been craving Crews’s gnarled fictive universe, something that’s part Hemingway, part Faulkner with the Sex Pistols thrown in for good measure.


2 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Chronological Narrative and Great Page Presentation

  1. I’ve been drawn to mostly fiction this summer, I think in response to all the nonfiction I read during the school year. But, like you, I’ve been feeling a little full of fiction at the moment and am sort of excited to get back into some good nonfiction in a few weeks.

    • Now that I’ve said I’ll take a break from fiction, I mooched a novel—The Roaches Have No King— from BookMooch that I’ve wanted to read for some time. So, we’ll see.

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