Booking Through Thursday: My Own Question

Today’s Booking Through Thursday asks readers to ask their own question. My question is about online media in general more than it is about books:

Do you prefer online publications (newspapers, magazines, etc.) or reading devices like the Kindle to actual print?

I think this question in one way or another has been asked before, but it was recently brought to my mind again as I tried to navigate the online edition of the Austin American-Statesman, and found it, well, really unwieldy. There was little pleasure in it.  The experience made me crave a hand-held paper newspaper. (I just went to the page to make a link to it and found another annoyance — a drop-down ad that flowed over links to stories.  You have to close it to make it go away.)

At the same time, I like the additional features such as videos, Twitter pages, blogs, etc.

But, I really hope I never see the day that I use a Kindle, especially if it’s being monitored by marketers waiting to plunge deeper into our private life.

I like online previews, though. It’s nice to get a sense of a book by reading a few pages before buying it or checking it out of the library.


5 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: My Own Question

  1. I prefer online newspapers and magazines because it’s so easy to research things further. I can quickly look at a photo or check out a reference I didn’t understand. I can also grab the link and e-mail it to someone I think will find it interesting.

    I’ve tried the Kindle and didn’t like it at all, but I prefer using my old PDA to read e-books over reading actual books. The auto-scroll function makes it faster to read, you can’t lose your bookmark, and you can search for a word or phrase if you want to flip back and re-read a section. It’s also a lot easier to bring a “stack” of books traveling when they only exist as megabytes.

  2. I find reading things online hard though I do it sometimes for reviewing prereleased novels for reviewing. If I am researching things I normally copy them off and read them because its easier on my eyes. Not tried anything like Kindle yet because I am sort of a lover of

  3. Great question! I don’t mind ebooks because they’re handy in certain situations (when I’m travelling, and don’t want to lug all those books with me but do want a nice, large variety of reading to choose from). But in the ideal reading situation, I’m more likely to choose a print book. Newspapers, on the other hand, I prefer to browse online. But I like handling magazines rather than looking online – I think of magazines as more visual than textual, and the pictures on the printed page are always more enticing for me than on the screen.

  4. As I do much of my reading these days between calls in my call center job, a Kindle wouldn’t do me any good. We can’t have any electronics. Plus, I read a lot of hand me down books, so paper it is.

    I read tons of blogs, but I don’t think it’s the same experience as curling up under the covers with a paperback.

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