Passion Lost, Passion Regained

Sometimes you find the right book to read. Or perhaps it finds you. However it happened, Tell It Slant by Brenda Miller and Suzanne Paola became for me the right book at the right time to read.

As you know,  I have recently hit a dead zone with my writing. While my passion for writing isn’t fully revived, it’s getting resuscitated by attempting  Tell It Slant‘s writing prompts. In the past, when I’ve been stumped by the blahs, I’ve turned to exercises, but the prompt and exercises I tried were from books on writing fiction. This is the first time I’ve ever tried creative nonfiction prompts, though in the past year or so I’ve made attempts at the form.

Switching genres when the passion for writing wanes is one thing Miller and Paola recommend in the book’s brief but inspirational Epilogue “Regaining Passion”:

Sometimes when you’re in a writing class or studying writing intensively, it’s easy to lose, temporarily, the passion that brought you to writing in the first place. It’s easy to feel as if you’ve taken all the magic out of it, and you sit at your desk, bored or resistant, unable to find one single thing worth writing about.

. . . .

When this happens (and it happens to all of us), you must do whatever it takes to “refill the well.” This might mean just taking some time out to roam the city or spending a week on the couch with your favorite books and comfort food. It might mean making a date with your writing group or deciding to write poetry or fiction for a while instead. The important thing to remember is that your passion for writing will come back. Your passion for writing will always return, doubled in force, after a period of dormancy. The writing life is one of patience and faith.


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