Clackity, Clackity: A New Typewriter for Cormac

I’m writing this post at my apartment complex’s computer/business room because my PC appears to either be dead or dying or something. After fiddling with the thing for two hours this morning, it’s still not running.

Earlier, I went online in the computer room to see if I might be able to troubleshoot the problem. To no avail. Jokingly out of frustration I posted a grouse on my Facebook page about considering going back to my typewriter, a machine that’s almost 50 years old.

A friend of mine responded to my grouse by sending me a link to a story that Cormac McCarthy is putting up his typewriter for auction. The typewriter’s just now worn out after 50 years of producing novels, short stories and screenplays. No viruses have plagued McCarthy. No hard disk has crashed.

Anyway, here’s a link to the article:

No Country for Old Typewriters

Now, where can I find a spool of typewriter ribbon?

Editor’s Note:

This was supposed to post yesterday. But the machine decided not to do it. At least it saved it.


2 thoughts on “Clackity, Clackity: A New Typewriter for Cormac

  1. Thanks to the link–what a great saga. Especially at a time when so many young writers think they HAVE to write on a computer. Think how many great books, and how many books, period, got written by hand and on typewriters.

    • All through graduate school I used my typewriter — a gift from my aunt — and didn’t convert to using a computer for writing until I started working for the newspaper. Even then, I would sometimes go home and type features.

      To me, you can fall into a rhythm while writing to the sound of the keys, but there is also a practical side — typewriter ribbon is cheaper than printer ink — I still don’t edit well on screen; I need hard copy— and I don’t have to get a new video card to see my monitor, because my “monitor” is an 8 -1/2- by 11-inch sheet of paper.

      But, I’m still technologically impatient enough that I feel too slowed down to write longhand. Plus, being a lefty in a right-wing world, I’ve never adjusted well to handwriting, and yearly my handwriting becomes harder to decipher.

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