Writing in Hyperspace

You may not know that you know David Gerrold’s work. I know I didn’t know I knew. But, if you’ve ever regularly watched the original  Star Trek series,  you saw “The Trouble With Tribbles”. He wrote that episode.

I just picked up Gerrold’s Worlds of Wonder, a book on writing science fiction and fantasy. My mind’s been toying with the notion of trying to write science fiction. (At the moment it’s only a notion and most of the ideas I’ve been having are fairly derivative.)

Anyhow, after just reading a few chapters, I have to say I would recommend this book not just to those interested in the genre but to all writers. From what I’ve read so far it’s as much about attitude toward writing as it is technique.

He first notes one aspect of writing every writer at some point must acknowledge: Writing is hard. And it doesn’t get easier the more you do it.

Acknowledging that writing is hard is the first step. From there you have to be enthusiastic about the work. You have to find what Gerrold calls “stardrive”.

Of all the things I’ve ever learned about writing, this is the most important: There’s a domain of excitement and eagerness and delight that can be astonishing. It is a place of commitment and discovery and wonderment. It is the far side of passion. It is a totality of purpose, an inspired obsession. I like to call it stardrive. It’s the engine at the center of your personal starship. It’s your heart of brightness. It is who you really are. It is simply you — you are the source.


2 thoughts on “Writing in Hyperspace

    • Yeah, it is a very inspiring quote. Again, even if you aren’t interested in writing sci fi or fantasy, this book is good for other genres as well. Even the stuff on researching science for science fiction translates well to any sort of research to make a story plausible.

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