‘Reality Hunger’ redux (via NARRATIVE)

As always, Richard Gilbert provides some insight into currents in creative nonfiction. As I note in the comments to this post, I haven’t read Shields’ book, but a cursory glance reminded me of a literary theory — intertextuality — I studied in grad school. Those theorists, in general, were enthusiastically obsessed with the death of the author to the point it seemed to me that they would’ve delighted in chopping authors into little unidentifiable pieces. What was to replace the author, then?

As I repost this post, I wonder if I’m committing my own intertextual appropriation. Am I claiming as my own this post?

'Reality Hunger' redux Lincoln Michael at The Rumpus has written one of the most interesting and compelling responses to Reality Hunger, by David Shields, that I’ve come across. And that includes my three blog posts stimulated by the “manifesto.” Michael writes: [W]hile Shields praises the same qualities I look for in my art, the book is framed by a somewhat inco … Read More


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