Death of the paid writer? (via Darksculptures – T.A. Olivia)

This blog post addresses a fear lurking in the underbrush of my mind: Will there be a time in the near future when writers no longer get paid for what they do (not that for most part the pay is all that great, but still . . .)? What happens if or when every newspaper and magazine folds? Will any online content be paid for?

Death of the paid writer? This is why I'm renewing my vow to read the printed word. I looked at Smashwords and a few other e-book sites AGAIN last night. There is a bunch of free writing out there. It was like surfing the blogosphere – except better organized by genre. I liked it. That scared me. Will the days of getting paid to write a novel vanish? As we scramble to be recognized are we (writers) actually damaging the market?  I thought about Nathan Bransford’s comment … Read More

via Darksculptures – T.A. Olivia


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