Ouch! Paris Review “Unaccepts” Work (via BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog)

To paraphrase Buffalo Springfield: Something’s happening in the world of literary publishing. What it is ain’t exactly clear.

A comment on this post suggests something could be done: an anthology, an e-book, etc. And it does sound as if The Paris Review is rejecting previously accepted based on the aesthetics of the new editors.

Or maybe the Paris Review has just gone to hell in a hand basket after the death of George Plimpton.

Ouch!  Paris Review "Unaccepts" Work Brevity has been taking a few hits in the last week for our consideration of a reading fee, and Narrative has been taking some decent hits for having such a pricey reading fee, and Tin House took a few hits earlier in the month for suggesting we all buy books from indie bookstores (and send them the receipt), but I'm guessing the heat is about to turn elsewhere for a day or two. The Paris Review, in changing poetry editors, is now "un-accepting" … Read More

via BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog


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