One Word Writing Prompt, Episode 4: Learning to Fly Led Style

Episode 4







Welcome to One Word Writing Prompts, Episode 4. Basically, your instructions, dear Reader, should you wish to participate, are to simply use the word below as a prompt to write something from it. And, if you would like, please feel free to post your creative output in the comments, and with your permission, I might share them in a later post. Have fun. Be creative.



Roger Ebert on Death and Dying

Today, journalist and film critic Roger Ebert, 70, died. He, along with the late Gene Siskel, taught us more than we might ever learn ourselves about the movies, more than just their trademark “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. They were guides to that medium. To seeing film as both art and entertainment, as a joyful part of the world.

This essay in Salon by Ebert is, well, an elegy and I hope that when it nears (and who knows when that is?) I could only be so thoughtful about its approach. So understanding that it is just another transition.

Hope you enjoy.

And thumbs up to a life well lived Mr. Ebert.

Writer Iain Banks Terminally Ill

A bit of literary news for you today readers. From the Guardian:

Iain Banks Diagnosed With Gall Bladder Cancer

I thoroughly enjoyed Banks’ darkly funny novel, The Wasp Factory. I haven’t read any of his SF, but I like his example of being a writer who moves between genres fluidly.

It will be a great literary loss, but here’s to Mr. Banks and his family and friends. May the rest of his days be joyful.