One Word Writing Prompt, Episode 4: Learning to Fly Led Style

Episode 4







Welcome to One Word Writing Prompts, Episode 4. Basically, your instructions, dear Reader, should you wish to participate, are to simply use the word below as a prompt to write something from it. And, if you would like, please feel free to post your creative output in the comments, and with your permission, I might share them in a later post. Have fun. Be creative.



One thought on “One Word Writing Prompt, Episode 4: Learning to Fly Led Style

  1. ‘Let’s see . . .’, thought the writer. Flying spaceship? Non-atomic airboat? Slow bloat? ‘No, no, no!!! None of these words will work!’ If I can’t come up with a captivating name for this vehicle my publisher will surely sue me. ‘They’ll meet in some boxy room of an office; Dressed to seduce enlightenment; They’ll read my manuscript, and then call me a bore of a writer.’
    With that thought, the writer pulled the googles from atop the tight-fitting leather cap till they were over his eyes, circled the scarf snuggly around his neck, pulled the fur-lined leather gloves he was wearing till they were taut and secure, grabbed the passenger cabin door handle, opened the door, and jumped out of the dirigible.
    Later that day, his publisher’s expressed their relief. “Boy, Charlie’s sprained ankle was pretty bad, wasn’t it?
    “Yeah could have lost his life had that airship not been parked in the middle of the field.”

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