Last Chance for ‘Arc of the Cosmos’

This is the last week you will be able to get the first edition of my short story ebook The Arc of the Cosmos. It’s only $1.99. Justarcofthecosmoscovertg (1) click the link for literary pleasure.

And don’t worry, there will be a new edition in the future.

Also, for those of you who have bought an edition, thank you for the support. And, buy another copy.







‘About Jake’ published at Bewildering Stories

Good morning readers. I’ve been saving this one up for more than a month. My first piece of speculative fiction, “About Jake,” to be published is up at Bewildering Stories.brown_marble

Although, it’s a non-paying market, I’m proud of this piece, given that it’s a first. Also, the editors at Bewildering Stories worked with me, suggesting rewrites that pretty much required major surgery on the piece. The practice of it was well worth the challenge of the rewrite. Their suggestions made me sharpen the focus on the story, especially the ending, which caused me no end of fits.

For the editorial assistance alone, I will recommend this market to other writers.

Also, want to thank the crew at North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop for the critiques that helped me see through the rewrites.

Well, that’s enough chit-chat for now. Until next time, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the story.

More Mind Melding at SF Signal

Participated in another Mind Meld at SF Signal. This one is a reworking of post of mine from a few weeks ago on the plausibility of science in science fiction.

These Mind Melds are fun. Gives you a chance to write and think about a particular genre at the same time.

So go to the link above and enjoy all the pieces on the subject. Weigh in there or here.

By the way, the particular question was mine, too.

Shameless Self-promotion: A Look at SF movie novelization

I took part in a blogging round table discussion of  favorite movie tie-ins/novelizations at SF Signal. My favorite was Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of the original Star Wars film. That novel is as responsible for introducting me to the SF genre as any book or film and certainly was an early influence on me as a writer. As you’ll see from the other guest posters, Foster is a master of the novelization. Anyhow, go read the post.

There Are No Rules – Your Online Presence Can’t Just Be a Gimmick (Or: Using Twitter Meaningfully While Unpublished) via Writer’s Digest

Below is another post on writing, publishing and marketing. Regarding using Twitter as a marketing tool, I think the key word in the title is “meaningfully”. I signed up on Twitter just to see what it was all about. I gained some followers. Tweeted some, but never continually on a daily basis. I still don’t. Sometimes I try to tweet regularly as I have today, at the same time, I wonder how much of me is too much of me. How many of my tweets are really meaningful? Which ones will gain an audience? Which ones might snag a freelance assignment?

There Are No Rules – Your Online Presence Can’t Just Be a Gimmick (Or: Using Twitter Meaningfully While Unpublished).